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We make games in the the real world.

We aim to create games that can attain a wider significance than simply serving as entertainment. Whether that be educating audiences, aiding personal growth or simply bringing people together, our games connect people around a common cause.

We want everyone to be creative and we want people to feel comfortable expressing themselves through our games. Most of all, we make games and trust that the more we make the more we can understand about ourselves.


"All About Dat Business"

Chris is a computer nerd in a suit. He has been creating & selling products since he was 13, he discovered his passion for game design when he was put into an experimental ICT course in primary school. Although he loves building games he doesn't play them. For him making games is the game. Today Chris is the business head of the company but also heavily involved in the development and design of the games. It is no surprise chris ended up a designer/businessman with his Mother being an artist and dad an accountant. Chris lives in a world of his own vision and hopes that his ideas for the world will one day become a reality.


Certified Code Chef

Ryan has been developing games since he was 15 years old. He never thought that such a fun hobby could one day become a job and instead started University with the intention of becoming an Architect. It took three life-changing experiences; a breakup, Braid and Edmund McMillen speaking in the closing moments of the Indie Game Movie; for him to realise his true passion was game design.

Ryan learnt to program using GameMaker and remains a strong advocate of the software to this day. His favourite games include Monument Valley, Braid, Abe’s Oddysee, Banished and Age of Empires 2.


Fun Evaluator and Whip-Cracker

Alistair began his journey both playing and creating in the game Warcraft 3, since then he has completed a degree in design with an emphasis on computer science and digital interaction. Alistair puts an emphasis on fun and objective based systems, he believes that the player must always have goals that they are working towards, both long term and short.



One Legged Crab is a team of three friends from Wellington New Zealand. We all graduated from Victoria University’s School of Design in 2012 and our company was formed shortly after in December 2012 while participating in an experimental ‘Digital Bootcamp’ program through the financial arm of the University; Victoria Link.

Following the formation of the company we explored a number of possibilities for what our company could be. We first attempted to create a game for a client; Proleague. It was intended to encourage sports fans to attend games at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium. It was our first game we had ever built together and the project scope was huge. Classic mistake. But we finished it and proved to ourselves that even though the game wasn’t fantastic, we knew we could put in the hours to complete a larger project and we all really enjoyed working as a team.

From there we tried rapid prototyping, aiming to deliver a new game every 2 weeks. Any that proved interesting we would pursue further and eventually publish. We went well beyond this, creating 10 prototypes in June/July 2014 and published three of them. Through the process we developed vital game development skills and slowly developed an understanding of what it is we want our company to be about.


Vic Link

Viclink is Victoria University’s commercialisation office. Viclink's role is to add value to the University by helping researchers to transform their discoveries into marketable products or services that have real benefit to society.


The Biz Dojo

The Dojo specialises in managing shared office spaces and innovation spaces, offer coaching for coworking spaces and host and run partnered acceleration and activation programs.